Callabs x Dafa Hoja is for all the artists and creators out there to share their work and their passion with the aam log.

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About Us

pakistaniyo ke liye

Dafa Hoja started with the intent of filling the representation gap that those in the diaspora face. There weren't any western-Pakistani streetwear brands, and so Dafa Hoja became the first.

pakistaniyo se

Featuring designs made by Pakistani artists, Dafa Hoja established itself not only as a brand for Pakistanis, by Pakistanis, but also as a space for Pakistani artists, influencers, and activists to create.

Pakistani Awaam ke liye

We know how important it is to help those in need. Especially considering the disparity between our lives here in the West with those who struggle on a daily basis in Pakistan. That's why we donate between 50-70% of our proceeds to Pakistani charities.