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    Our #SpeakUp tees are part of a campaign to ensure mental health gets the attention it deserves within the South Asian community. We encourage people to speak up on what it’s like to struggle with mental illness in a culture that rejects the notion of mental health. We want to encourage individuals to take ownership over their mental health, rather than fear the cultural stigma. 70% of the proceeds from our #SpeakUp tees will go to MannMukti to help them say dafa hoja to the stigma of mental health in the desi community.

  • hum nahi toh kaun?

    Dafa Hoja is partnering up with Maleeha, a marketing professional based out of Chicago, with a passion for supporting women’s rights in Pakistan during her free time. We’re teaming up to raise funds and promote the mission of Aahung, a Karachi-based NGO focused on grassroots movements in order to prevent rape/sexual abuse in Pakistan, through educating young men and women on their sexual and reproductive rights.

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